Growing with #AWS Elastic Beanstalk!

After my last post about AWS Lambda and Serverless Computing, I got to thinking. How is Lambda different from Elastic Beanstalk(EB). AWS has been offering Elastic Beanstalk as a managed service for quite some time and from the looks of it, developers can just submit their application and AWS will take care of deploying, managing and scaling … Continue reading Growing with #AWS Elastic Beanstalk!

Shield your Apps from DDoS attacks

Shield your Apps from DDoS attacks

Wikipedia defines Captain America's shield as virtually indestructible under normal conditions; the shield proves strong enough to absorb Hulk's strength, and repel an attack from Thor's mystical hammer Mjölnir without any visible damage.[1]. The same can be said about the new service that AWS announced at Re:Invent 2016 - AWS Shield. But, before getting into the … Continue reading Shield your Apps from DDoS attacks


Red Hat ManageIQ is an open source cloud management platform(CMP) that enables the virtualization admins to better manage their existing virtualization, private cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures. You can plug your existing VMware vSphere, Openstack or RedHat Enterprise Virtualization environments into ManageIQ  and manage all of them through a single pane of glass. You can … Continue reading ManageIQ