The Next Chapter…

The Next Chapter…

After Four and a half years of working as a Technical Marketing Engineer for FlexPod, I decided it was time to move on and pursue other opportunities. Working for the Converged Infrastructure Group at NetApp was a surreal experience. Getting to learn from an all-Pro team which included experts like Eric Railine, Glenn Sizemore, David Klem, John George and so on was an awesome experience and one that I will cherish throughout my career.

Understanding the importance of an end-to-end solution and being able to work on all three layers of the infrastructure(compute, network, and storage) was an important building block for my career. But, now it is time for me to challenge myself and extend my skill set. So, I have decided to join the Data Center Group at Lenovo as a Technical Product Marketing Manager focussing on Azure Stack, VMware VSAN and other products in the portfolio. I am really excited about this new position as I will not only get an opportunity to continue working on things I like but also work on new technologies that I always wanted to get my hands on.

Thank you, NetApp for all these exciting years!


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